• Whisky Galore 10years

Whisky Galore 10years


Galor Pure Malt 10 Years Old - excellent drink, created from a mixture of the best single malts, selected from different regions of Scotland, has long been specializing in the creation of this unique beverage. Much of the region is taken from the malt Macallan that in Speyside. Alcohols matured for 10 years in conventional barrels and Bochenko from the upscale sherry.
Collection of whiskey "Galore" - the latest generation of single malt whiskey from Scotland "premium" class. All the spirits of this line are bottled without pre-filtering and coloring. Whiskey "Galore" has become even better known thanks to the famous incident sluchivshimusya in 1941, when the ship is fully laden with bottles of this excellent drink, sank off the west coast of Scotland. The surprise and delight of local islanders knew no bounds when washed ashore to a huge amount of free, "contraband" whiskey. Today the company Duncan Taylor offers the widest selection of single malt whiskeys, providing a huge range of each of the regions, known thanks to the production of whiskey in Scotland.

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